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You Are ALL Multidimensional Beings--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

 You Are ALL Multidimensional Beings
Message from the Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie 
Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me today?

Yes, Suzille,
We always have a message for you, as well as for anyone who will ask us. In other words, we are always available to our volunteers to assist Gaia. We would like to talk with you today about the State of Mind and Place of Heart the you are allowing to direct you through your daily life.

We refer to “State of Mind” as the frequency of reality to which your mind is calibrated, and “Place of Heart” refers to where you direct your gifts of love.

Yes, dear grounded ones, since you volunteered to take an earth vessel during this very challenging NOW, there are many states of mind that you have experienced because you have been moving through the process of planetary ascension.

During this NOW, your mind is often focused on many different situations at once, and your heart can shift through many emotions from bliss to fear, and hopefully back to bliss. We have come to speak with you NOW to commend you all for your efforts to find, and live, the “middle path.” 

The “middle path” is discovered and traveled for as long as you can keep a clear and open “state of mind.” When you travel the middle road, it is much easier for you to maintain a clear and open state of mind. Furthermore, when your state of mind is clear and open, it is much easier for you to live within the middle road.

Your state of mind is determined by your frequency of consciousness. When your consciousness resonates to a higher frequency, you will be able to identity and travel your “Middle Road.” If you are upset about something, your state of mind will be too erratic for you to find, much less travel, the middle road.

This “middle road,” which we will define as the “path less traveled” is often difficult to find, and even more challenging to consistently travel. For starters, the middle” can only be determined if you can perceive the sides of the road to your left and to your right.

It takes a certain state of mind to give yourself an honest assessment of “the sides of the road” and thus the “middle of the road.” To find that calm center of your self, and thus of your “road through life,” you need to identify the furthest edges of the “sides of the road.”

Of course, we are not speaking of a highway or a path. We are using the terms of “path and road” as a metaphor for the life choices that you make with your thoughts and emotions. You could have so many thought and emotions, that they interrupt each other and cause great confusion in your consciousness and your physical body.

On the other hand, when your emotions are calm and accepting, you can free your mind to explore new ideas and concepts that would be too threatening when  you  are emotional and confused.

Please remember that emotions and confusion are not “bad.” In fact, your emotions tell you if you are happily traveling your path, or if you are lost in a haze of confusion. If you are “happily traveling your path,” then enjoy yourself and surrender to the process.

On the other hand, if you make a “self assessment” and discover that you are centered and loving, please continue what you are doing, thinking and experiencing. We also recommend that you center your self, focus on any messages that you are receiving from deep within your heart or high above your mind, and document any messages you are receiving.

When you document your messages, you deeply ground them in your own consciousness, as well as within the body of Gaia. It is deep within the Core of your Multidimensional SELF that you will identify the frequency to which you are currently resonating.

If you discover the frequency/dimension to which you are resonating is the fourth dimension, we suggest that you ask for guidance for any creative or service to others plans you may be considering.

You will discover that you are resonating the fifth dimension, when you entire body feels as if it is filled with light. You may even feel your Kundalini Force moving up your spinal column, as well as a deep sensation of Bliss and Unconditional Love.

In this case, we suggest that you ask us, the Arcturians, and/or any higher expressions of your SELF with whom you have developed a relationship, to send you a message.  Again, remember to document your experience, as you will likely forget it as you return to your third dimensional consciousness.

Your third dimensional consciousness does not resonate to the fifth dimension. Thus it will quickly forget your experience unless you create a hard copy of that NOW. Remember, the fifth dimension does not resonate to time, but exists within the HERE of the NOW. Therefore, be sure to capture this NOW by writing, saying, drawing, singing and/or dancing it to intertwine and document it in the third dimension.

We know that you perceive all your human relationships to be outside of you. That is correct as long as you are resonating to the third dimension. However, if you and the one with whom you are relating, are in the fourth dimension, there will be a “time difference,” such as you will need to tell your self of  your fourth dimensional dream and/or meditation as soon as you open your eyes, or you may forget it.
While in your third dimensional reality, people perceive other persons or places to be “outside” of them. You know they are third dimensional as they have a physical body and walk on the Earth, just as you do. There is also space between you, and everything changes over time. This is because the basis of the Third Dimensional Operating System is TIME and  SPACE.

Your fourth dimensional self  is revealed as inside of you or just above you. These fourth dimensional perceptions often occur when you are doing something creative, during your sleep, or when you are meditating.

You will likely perceive your fourth dimensional self as being much like you would perceive yourself in a mirror, except that it will likely float just above the ground and even appear to be a bit translucent.

Because you are all Multidimensional Beings, you have volunteered to take a physical form in order to better assist with Planetary Ascension. Unfortunately, most of our brave scouts to Earth soon forget their true, fifth dimensional Lightbody that they wear while on our fifth dimensional Ships or on their Homeworld.

It is for this reason that we, the Arcturians, as well as the other members of your Galactic Family, readily send messages into the consciousness of our “scribes” who have volunteered to share these higher dimensional messages in any many that best fits into their third dimensional personality and skills.

Your “state of mind” is determined by your “frequency of consciousness.” Then, your frequency of consciousness will direct thoughts and messages into your mind and heart, hopefully, to be shared with others.

When your state of mine is resonating to ambition, fear, anger or selfishness, your will likely “place your heart” onto a situation, place, person or concept that is primarily third dimensional survival, desires, and/or ambitions. You will experience a reality in which you are a “normal” third dimensional person who is working hard to survive and prosper in a difficult world.

However, when you can choose to expand your state of consciousness, and thus your choice of behavior and actions, to include, service to others, assistance to Gaia, and finding and sharing your innate multidimensional love and inter-dimensional consciousness, your consciousness will expand to encompass fifth dimension.

Your mind, particularly your Third Eye, as well as your Heart, especially your High Heart, are the both inter-dimensional communication devices. Every human has these, innate inter-dimensional aspects of their physical body.

Unfortunately, many humans are not aware of this fact. They are not, YET, aware of their innate multidimensional perceptions that EVERY one of you have, as well as their innate ability to feel and share Unconditional Love through their High Heart.

Your Third Eye, which is connected to your Brow/ Sixth Chakra, will assist you to gain the “State of Mind,” which is your fifth dimensional and beyond frequency of consciousness, as well as your higher dimensional perceptions of clairvoyance—seeing  higher dimensions, clairaudience—hearing higher dimensions and clairsentience—sensing higher dimensions.

At first, you may not be consciously aware of these higher perceptions, but you will begin to feel happy, blissful and focused. This state of consciousness directs you to “place your heart” on that which you “love with your Heart and Soul.”

This may seem quite simple, but we have seen how difficult it can be for our Earth Volunteers to “find the time” to focus on their own Heart and Soul. What we wish to remind you all is that focusing on your Heart and Soul will place you in direct communicate with your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

You are ALL Multidimensional Beings, and ALL of you can have total and constant communication with your Higher Dimensional SELF that resonates to, and lives within, the higher frequencies of Gaia’s multidimensional Planetary SELF.

Yes, all the inhabitants of Gaia are multidimensional, and resonate to third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and far beyond, frequencies of reality. As you have all experienced, the challenges of daily life in the third dimension usually make you forget this fact.

When humans forget that fact, they begin to change. Unconditional Love slowly gets replaced with Floating Anxiety, or even Fear, and they slowly or quickly, forget that they are Multidimensional Beings of Light.

We, your Galactic Family, are sending loving message to as many people who can receive, document and share them with others. However, more human live their life in the grips of fear, rather than the bliss of Unconditional Love.

It is for this reason that we have decided that we must begin our “landings.” However, for the safety of our grounded ones, we must keep our Ships in the higher fourth and fifth dimension, so that the dark ones do not perceive them and begin yet another WAR on beloved Earth.

Already, and still, there are wars all over your planet for the soul purpose of making the wealthy even righter. Innocent men and women, who think they are serving their country, are not aware it is only the dark one, the oil companies, and the extremely rich who benefit from their combat.

However, those who go to war with the intension of protecting their country and assisting others DO receive the karmic boost for ALL their brave actions and heroic thoughts. We, your Galactic Family, assist these brave ones when they return Home to their third dimensional lives, or Home to their Higher Selves.

We NOW wish to speak for your heroic planet Gaia. She, too, will “return HOME” to Her true, Multidimensional Planetary SELF. Yes, Planets are living beings, in the same manner that all the life on, above, and the planet is ALIVE.

It was the most sinister plot of the dark ones to “brainwash” the humans, who were meant to be the “Caretakers of the Planet,” into believing that dear Gaia was “just a thing.” In fact, the dark ones have created many sinister actions against the body of Gaia in their attempt to keep humanity constantly afraid and victimized.

Within the higher fourth and fifth dimensional areas of Gaia, humanity lives in Total Peace and Unconditional Love. However, until humanity is able to expand their consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional octaves of reality, they are under the brainwashing and illusion of the dark ones.

We, the Arcturians, wish to say to you all within this NOW, that more and more humans are awakening and expanding their consciousness and their “state of mind” into higher and higher frequencies of reality.

As they expand their consciousness to encompass these higher frequencies of reality, they will gain “power over” the dark ones, rather than the dark ones having “power over” them. Furthermore, as humanity begins the “ascension of their consciousness” into higher and higher frequencies of reality, they are sharing their experiences with others.

Just as the early pioneers went out into the wilderness, and came back to tell others of the “new land,” humans who are “inter-dimensional pioneers” are returning to their “normal” third dimensional lives to share what they have experienced.

For this reason, we ask each of you who have experienced an “inter-dimensional” and/or a “multidimensional experience” to please share your experiences in the comments section of this blog.

Suzille has talked to many people who have had many experiences. However, for many people it is difficult to find someone with whom they can share their experiences. Therefore, we invite all of you to share any “inter-dimensions experiences, sightings of our Ships, or higher dimensional communications you have experienced.

Before you share your experience, take a long moment to focus on raising and synchronizing your consciousness with Gaia. It this manner, you will all work as ONE to assist Gaia, and ALL Her in habitants to expand into the fifth dimensional and beyond frequencies of reality.

These higher frequencies of reality have ALWAYS surrounded Gaia, but humanity was so compromised by the dark deeds of the Lost Ones, that only a few brave avatars were able to “ascend” into the higher frequencies in order to assist Gaia and ALL Her life forms.

YOU are NOW on the cusp of being one of those brave, “Avatars for Gaia.” Please remember that Unity Consciousness with “ALL life” includes the life far above, on the surface and in the Core of Earth.
WE are the Arcturians


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dr. Suzanne Lie and Kasi Alexander-Part 2

Dr. Suzanne Lie and Kasi Alexander
Message from the Arcturians
Part 2

ARCTURIANS:   What is occurring is that more and more people, who are actually Pleiadians, Arcturians and some Andromedens want to help the grounded ones.  There are also the Venusians who have volunteered to take earth vessels to come to this planet. All of them are coming to Gaia to assist with Gaia’s planetary awakening and ascending. 

The Galactics have been coming to Earth because there are enough people that have awakened that we feel they can make a difference. In fact, these awakened ones often come on our Ships to join in the nightly meetings and get acquainted with the different people. Then, when they awaken they often think that they just had a “cool dream.”  

It is through their sleeping consciousness that people can visit our Ships. Some of the people actually join us via bi-location, in which they are also somewhat aware of their physical self. What that means is that their body is still in the bed where they are sleeping, while a portion of their consciousness has a “dream experience” which, in reality, was not a dream.  It was actually an experience.

KASI:   Wow, that’s fascinating. What can people do to begin remembering these experiences?

A:        Meditation! Meditation is about expanding your mind beyond the small sensory motor strip in the left hemisphere, which is the part of your logical, sequential brain that was trained throughout your school experiences. People learn to meditate so that they can activate a conscious experience of their right hemisphere, which focuses more on imagination and creativity.

There many different types of meditations, and it’s wonderful for people to try them and choose the one that appeals to them the most. When you meditate, you move towards what is called ‘whole brain thinking.’ Most people use much more of their left brain, which is logical, sequential thinking, than their right brain, which is their creativity.

Life on planet Earth is more than just serving, as there is also learning how to survive on physical earth.  But when they move into creativity, that’s their right brain, they activate their creative self. 

As humans move more and more into their creative self, they expand their consciousness because THEY are a creator. Then they find that their heart and mind can work as ONE to expand their consciousness into the higher dimensional realities.

The key to all of this is “Service to Others,” because, as everyone knows, there are a lot of people that are absolutely focused on “service to self”.  These people do not care about anyone else, they do not even care about the planet. They even have plans on how they can evacuate themselves from the planet if it becomes destroyed. These are the “service to self” people.

Often, and usually, the service to others group are regular people. Hence, it’s really up to the regular people because they are the ones who, TOGETHER, assist the most with planetary ascension. Of course, there are many powerful leaders there. But the powerful leaders have a difficult time with “ones lost to the darkness” who are trying to take them down from being powerful leaders.

Fortunately, the quiet voice of many people thinking the same thing at the same time can be even more powerful.

KA:     Can you answer a couple of general questions for me now?

A:        Yes please.

KA:     Have there been other civilizations before the ones that we are aware of?

A:        Yes, there was a civilization of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean and there was the civilization of Atlantis which was in the Atlantic Ocean.

KA:     How along ago were those civilizations?

A:        Many, many thousands of years ago. Lemuria was first, and, Atlantis was second. They both had peak societies, which eventually “fell” and left the memory of most humans.

KA:     Would you be able to give us clues on where to look for indications of them?

A:        There are many people who have looked for those indications.  If you search the web you will see that there has been some undersea discoveries where they see temples at the bottom of the ocean. Lemuria was in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, but the bodies of land that are now at the bottom of the oceans are not as big as they were in their peak times.

The earth was very different then. Just like people change when they grow, so do planets.
People can look at drawings on the internet where people have taken drawings of the bottom of the ocean and have seen these ancient societies and taken films.

KA:     Would there be any reason to not give us a specific location?

A:        The specific location was different because the world was different. But, the specific location for Lemuria would be in the Southern Pacific Ocean and more towards Australia. And, Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean and that was more north around the equator.

KA:     Wow, that’s huge.  What about the civilizations in South America, the pyramids and the ancient structures that we are finding?

A:        There were some beings who are able to remember.  There is usually a contract that is made when one decides to take an earth vessel. That contract says that they will forget their prior lives. Hence, when they come into this new life, they get a new and different experience. it’s not an easy for childhood and adults that have chosen not to forget. It’s not an easy childhood at all, because they know a lot of things and people say, “What are you talking about, you’re crazy, stop that.”

KA:     How were the pyramids built?  Was there technology that we are not aware of for lifting these monolithic stones and building these megalithic structures?

A:        Yes, there has been some research that has been done, such as the fact that the stones are so close together that you cannot put anything in between them.  So, you know that it is impossible for a human being to do that.  The pyramids were created by much higher beings and they did a lot of the construction with their minds. 

KA:     Is that something that humans can learn.  There is a person in Florida who built something on a much smaller scale using some kind of technology that he never explained to anyone.  Is that something that we can learn?

A:       If it is within one’s Divine Birth Plan, and if they have gone through many lives of purification to prove that they will only function as service to others, they may be able to take an incarnation in that early to assist with the constructions.  It would be VERY  dangerous for a person to use these higher dimensional abilities without total purification and Service to Others. It even would be dangerous for someone who had not purified themselves, to have that type of ability.

KA:     Thank you very much.  That’s an excellent answer.  I have one question that I’d like to ask you. Do you have something that is similar to Einstein’s Unified Field Theory?

A:        Now this is not a good question for Suzille because she is not mathematical at all.  So, we will try our best to find some channel’s in her brain to answer your question.

Everything is unified on some frequency of dimension.  Basically, that is all you need to know.  Everything is unified.  Separation is an illusion of the third and fourth dimension.  In your fifth dimensional self, there is no separation.

KA:     So, at that point, it becomes a moot question.

A:        At that point it becomes a moot question, yes.  When a person’s consciousness is high enough they can fully answer that question, they would know that it was too dangerous to put that information out for all the world to see, because humanity isn’t ready yet.

KA:     Okay, that makes total sense.  Thank you.  Can you answer:  What is the purpose of life?  What is the answer that most people are looking for?

A:        Those are two very different questions.  What is the purpose of life is one question.  What are people looking for is a completely different question. So, we will answer it as two questions.

The purpose of life is evolution to evolve into higher and higher states of consciousness and into higher and higher states of the physical self by transmuting ones self so that they can return back into their Lightbody.

The Lightbody is actually stored within the spinal column where all the chakras are attached.  There have been beings who have been able to Ascend because they have proven they are ready because of their great service to others and sacrifice of self.  What they have done is that they have expanded their consciousness beyond the limitations their physical body.

People in the third dimension my think that that person has died. But, they usually are associated associated with a group of higher dimensional beings that is associated with them. Therefore they will be able to see the higher light move out of that being. That higher light will return that being back to their innate fifth dimensional Lightbody.

KA:     So, if someone wants to Ascend then the best thing to do is meditation?  Correct?

A:        And service to others, service to others, service to others.  Because the cause of everything that has gone wrong on planet Earth has been service to self, selfish service to self.  In order for one to expand their consciousness, it’s important to meditate.  But, if you just meditate for yourself, that’s not enough because that is too selfish. You need to  meditate for planet earth. 

In order to really participate in planetary Ascension, one must focus on service to others.  And, others could be humans, animals, elementals, planet – but something other than themselves.  So that they become a portal of light through which the higher frequencies of reality can move through them and be shared with the physical plane.

KA:     Thank you, that was amazing. Just a couple of more questions.  What about things like abductions and cattle mutilations and those kind of things?  What is going on with that?

A:        That has not occurred in quite a while but, it did occur.  There were abductions and there was cattle mutilation.  Now, the abductions – people like to think that an abduction is a horrible thing.  And if you actually talk to people who have been abducted and have remembered it, they know that it wasn’t a horrible thing.  Because that abduction was that they got to go into a higher frequency of reality.  And, they were on a Star Ship. 

On the other hand there have been abductions that were not the abductions in that people were able to visit the higher frequencies and gain important information that they could take back to earth. 

There have been abductions that were created by the dark side. Those people had horrible experiences. So, as usual when it involves the third dimension, there are going to be polarities of the highest and the lowest.

KA:     So, what was the purpose of the cattle mutilations?

A:        The cattle mutilations and the crop circles – a lot of those things were done by humans who didn’t want people to think that they had the ability to actually move into a higher frequency.  Also, the physical types of things that people saw – they were done by other people.

KA:     Really?  Even the crop circles?

A:        Some of the crop circles were done by humans. But, some were done as a form of Light language for the beings on Earth that were of a high enough frequency of consciousness to be able to read that Light Language.  When that ended, some people didn’t want to lose that sensationalism, so they created their own crop circles.

So, humans tried to do what was done on a higher level, but that made it look like the higher level was made up as well. The humans did that on purpose, as they did not want people to believe that they could communicate with higher beings

KA:     Would it be possible to look at some of the older crop circles and get an explanation of what they were – some of the ones that were authentic?

A:        The crop circles were based on 3D time and space, and the time and space is very different now. Therefore, it would be like remembering a conversation you had with someone ten years ago.  It wouldn’t be pertinent any longer because the human part of the person, and the human part of the message, was based on what was occurring on that timeline. Your third dimensional reality is is very, very different in this timeline then it was in that timeline.

KA:     Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time, or Suzanne’s time, so I thank you so much for speaking with me.  I’ve really enjoyed this.  It’s been fascinating and really, really helpful for me personally.  Is there any other message that you would like to put out there?

A:        Yes, the most important thing that we have to say to all of you is to create a “cast in steel” meditation ritual where you go to that same time and same place that fits your schedule.  If you can only do it once a week, then you only do it once a week.  After a while you will find that it changes your life so much that you will find other times that you can meditate. 

What happens is that when you go into a state of meditation you begin to expand your consciousness beyond either your left brain, “going through daily life,” or your right brain ?being creative” and you merge the two parts of your mid.

In this manner, you allow that creativity that you have innately within you to expand into your own form of – inter-dimensional communication. Every human has this ability, they have to combine their right and left hemispheres in order to activate it.  This combing and activation occurs through your meditation.

KA:     Thank you so much.  That is such a beautiful explanation.

A:        Thank you very much, we’ve enjoyed speaking with you as well.

SL:      Did you have anything else you wanted to say?

KA:     I don’t think so.  We got through all of my questions.  This has been fantastic.

SL:      Okay, let’s see if the Arcturians have anything else to say.

A:        Yes, we the Arcturians would like to take this opportunity to say to all of you that each and every one of you have the innate ability to communicate with your Higher Self. As you remember how to do that, please share your communications with others.  We just want you all to know that all of you can do exactly as Suzille does it.  And blessings to you all.

KA:     Thank you so much.